Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'UFO' Sightings In Erath County, Texas Cause Speculation

Hey Folks history had been made. Reports of UFO sightings never make it into main stream media. Well this week week all over the media is the report of a very large object in the skies over Texas. I was surprised to see it on all the News Channels including Network news. Media seems to taking this one serious. I did hear one report on a Talk Radio AM station that did have a twilight zone like music in the back ground- again media not really taking these reports seriously, almost making the people who report these things sound like nut jobs. On a whole most media reported this like real news. To me this is a break Thru...... Media taking Ufo reports seriously!!! WOW
Check out the links below:

UFO seekers flock to mystery lights in Texas
Sightings In Erath County, Texas
Some report even seeing jets chasing it.....


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